Marqette says this is the final straw at Dublin Airport

If you visit The Marqette Bar in Dublin Airport, like most other bars it will give you a straw with your drink. But the straw won’t be the plastic, one-use type of straw you’re used to. Instead, it’s made of paper. Marqette was the first concessionaire to introduce compostable packaging to Dublin Airport and since opening we have only ever used compostable coffee cups, packaging and recyclable packaging for all other requirements.

Marqette want to do our part in reducing plastic pollution and promoting the use of environmentally-friendly alternatives. Plastic drinking straws are no longer used in Marqette with the introduction of compostable drinking straws. We are showing it’s possible to rethink how much – and what type of – waste your business creates.

Marqette is already strongly committed to environmental responsibility, with our staff and customers leading the way. The team is highly invested in working both up and down it’s supply chain with suppliers, service providers and customers to be consciously green and ethical.

Working with our producers and suppliers, we request minimum secondary packaging and outer wrappings, crated deliveries and non-plastic delivery containers where possible, while still complying with food hygiene and environmental health standards.

It is important to us that products used in our food and drinks come from ethical, responsible and safe sources. Using local suppliers keeps food-miles low and supports Marqette’s green and sustainable business principles.

Article published on the Moodie Davitt Report – https://www.moodiedavittreport.com/marqette-says-this-is-the-final-straw-at-dublin-airport/

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